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1 Meter Aluminum Extrusion with Clear Diffuser - Triangle with Wings


Product Description

This product is an Aluminum Extrusion for your LED Strip Lights available in 1M lengths that is made especially to create a 45° beam angle from a 90° surface. With its slim design this product makes for a great housing and also a great heat sink for your custom LED project. Channeled grooves on the back side of the extrusion make for convenient mounting solutions using standard wood screws. If you are looking for a finished look for your LED Strip Lights this is definitely the product for you. Perfect for store front displays, under cabinet, under stairs, closets, exhibits, furniture, work stations, or any project needing a 45° housing for your LED Strip Lights. This product does not fully diffuse your LED Lights, individual lights can still be seen through the clear cover. Note: Ribbon Star Ultra, 50/50, & RGB LED Strip Light Quick Connectors are too wide to be used with this product, only Ribbon Star & Max LED Strip Light Connectors will fit inside the channel. Product is non water-resistant and not meant to be exposed to outdoor elements. This product is available in 2M lengths, please call 775-636-6060 to order.

Product Specifications
Model Aluminum Extrusion
Dimensions39.37"L x 1.20"W x 0.43"H
Base Dimension0.51"W
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Plastic End Cap for PAC ALU Triangle Extrusion

SKU: EX-KL2-CAP-1     View Product Page
This product is a plastic end cap for our triangle with wings LED Aluminum Extrusions to give your extrusion a clean and finished look. This cap will fit both the clear and frosted diffuser styles. This product is sold individually and in single units in order to pair with holed end caps if needed. With proper extrusion sealing techniques and use of outdoor HS cover this cap can be exposed to outdoor elements.

Plastic End Cap for PAC ALU Triangle Extrusion

3M VHB Mounting Tape, 10mm x 10ft

SKU: LA-SC-MT-10-10     View Product Page
This is a double sided 3M VHB 5952 Mounting tape for mounting LED Products such as aluminum extrusions, power supplies, controllers, Strip Lights, Modules or any other product that requires an adhesive to mount. Each roll contains 10ft of 10mm wide VHB tape. Product will not stick to Silicon. Do not use to mount any item that weighs more than 5lbs. Note: This is a permanent product and may cause damage if removed.

3M VHB Mounting Tape, 10mm x 10ft
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