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The Best LED Strip Light

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Determine the Purpose of the Light

A room can be many things, a place to work, relax, entertain and so much more. To determine the best strip light for your space you must first evaluate its purpose. There are three types of lighting and every room should include each; Ambient, Task and Accent. Some of our light strips are best used in multiple categories, but some are better used than others depending on your scenario. Browse the 3 lighting types below to determine what strip light is best for your lighting design.

Ambient Lighting
Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is also known as general lighting. It provides the main lighting of a room and is intended to maintain even illumination throughout the entire area. The best ambient strip lighting needs to have a high lumen output.

Task Lighting
Task Lighting

Task lighting is just as it sounds, lighting for tasks. It can be designed for under cabinet, reading, shop work, or anything for a specific task. The best taks light strips are bright, high density and can range from high to mid power ouput.

Accent Lighting
Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is also known as highlighting. It brings attention to a certain areas or features of the room. This can include highlighting artwork, architectural features, or greenery. The best strip lights for accents are low to mid level output.

Best Strip Lights for Ambient Lighting:

Tape lights are not traditionally used for ambient lighting but the best light strips are bright enough to be used inside of extrusions to create modern, sleek and custom ambient light fixtures. Lighting can now be embedded into walls, ceilings, crown molding and floors to create unique patterns and designs that aren't possible with traditional lighting fixtures. Keep in mind that all of these tape lights can be used for task lighting as well but are optimal for ambient lighting applications.

best ambient strip
MegaHD Strip MegaLux High Density

This strip is the best and brightest that we sell for Ambient room lighting. Extremely high density 2835 LED chip array with a high output for impressive lumen output.

  • Starting at $12.49/ft
1902 lm/ft
14.63 W/ft
Mega Strip MegaLux

These tape lights use a constant current driving system in order to get bright and even lighting throughout the entire strip. Best for High brightness and economical power draw.

  • Starting at $11.49/ft
1317 lm/ft
8.77 W/ft
Supreme Strip Supreme

Ribbon Star Supreme is our best all around strip light. They are easy to work with, have dual core copper pads for simple soldering and they are bright enough to light up an entire room.

  • Starting at $12.09/ft
747 lm/ft
8.4 W/ft
Doublewide Doublewide

Doublewide strips are just as they sound, two rows of a standard LED strip. Making them bright enough for ambient lighting applications with slightly wider surface area of light output.

  • Starting at $10.49/ft
518 lm/ft
5.4 W/ft

Best LED Strips for Task Lighting:

Task lighting is just as it sounds, lighting for tasks. Unlike ambient lighting which is designed to light and entire space, task lighting is meant for illumination during activities or projects. This can range bedside lamps for reading, under cabinet kitchen lighting, store displays all the way to workshop and production lighting. The best strip lights for task lighting are bright with a high density LED array. High CRI strip lights are ideal for tasks and displays where higher color rendering is important.

best task strip
Ultra Strip Ultra CRI 90+

With an incredible amount of LED chips you will never see dots or hot spots with our Ultra strip lights. Bright lumens and high CRI addition make them great for any task lighting.

  • Starting at $9.99/ft
610 lm/ft
6.1 W/ft
Max Max 2835 CRI 90+

Using a newer 2835 LED chip, these tape lights are the best for task lighting on a budget. Low power output with high lumens and CRI over 90 delivers the most bang for your buck.

  • Starting at $6.99/ft
365 lm/ft
2.92 W/ft
Max Max

Our standard Ribbon Star Max have been our go to strip light for years. This has been one of our most reliable strip lights for under cabinet and task lighting on a budget.

  • Starting at $6.99/ft
238 lm/ft
2.92 W/ft
RGBW High Density RGBW

This strip light is a hybrid in the realm of task lighting. White or warm white output with the additional of color if a slightly colored hue is desired for your task.

  • Starting at $12.49/ft
384 lm/ft
8.2 W/ft

Best LED Tape for Accent Lighting:

Accent lighting is another type of lighting that is as it sounds, a light for accents or highlighting. Typically the best strip lights for accents are RGB color changing, or lower single color light output. Accent lighting is one of the most used applications for LED strip lights. There are so many ways to create highlighting using LED tape. As said before any of the LED tape lights listed on the page can be used for accent lighting but the ones listed below are choicest.

best accent strip
RGBW RGBW (Red, Green, Blue, White)

These strip lights have the best of both worlds, color changing outputs with white or warm white. The perfect combination for accent lighitng based on mood or event.

  • Starting at $10.06/ft
341 lm/ft
4.4 W/ft
RGBlux RGB (Red, Green, Blue)

RGB Strip Lights are best for accent lighting because they can create millions of color hues and color changing functions. We have many types of RGB strip lights for colored accent lighting.

  • Starting at $7.99/ft
213 lm/ft
5.4 W/ft
Thinlux ThinLux

ThinLux is a specially designed LED strip light, it is 3.5mm wide and small enough to fit inside a sawblade kerf. It is best used for accent lighting in tight spaces and furniture.

  • Starting at $7.99/ft
384 lm/ft
4.4 W/ft
Slimlux SlimLux

SlimLux is a bit wider than our ThinLux 5mm wide, but with the same lighting concept. It is ideal for accent lighting in smaller spaces with limited mounting surface area.

  • Starting at $6.71/ft
293 lm/ft
3.05 W/ft
Flex Strip Flex

Flex and bend around corners with a specially designer PC board. Unlike standard strips this strip can conform to any layout for highlighting the most intricate areas.

  • Starting at $8.99/ft
128 lm/ft
1.46 W/ft
RS Strip Ribbon Star

Our most cost effective and reliable strip. Ribbon Star LED strip lights are best for any accent lighting project. Available in white, warm, red, blue, green and amber.

  • Starting at $3.99/ft
183 lm/ft
1.46 W/ft
Extreme Strip Extreme

Need to power long accent lighting lengths, this is the best strip for that. Power up to 100ft in series from one end. Low power output and perfect for most accent lighting applications.

  • Starting at $6.99/ft
70 lm/ft
0.96 W/ft
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