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What is an LED Strip Light?

LED Strip Lights, also known as LED Tape Lights, are small linear lights on a roll that you probably have seen in a lot of places but never really noticed. Each strip consists of an array of various sizes of LED chips which are soldered to a flexible printed circuit board. The backside of the PC board is applied a double sided adhesive for mounting to clean and dry surfaces. These strips can literally be used in hundreds of different places and are easily hidden to create appealing and attractive lighting in the tightest of spaces. Each strip light can be cut and re-connected to create customized linear accent, task, and exterior lighting. Our strip lights are offered in a wide range of brightness (lumens), colors (kelvin) as well as color changing options.

What is an LED Strip Light?

Ecolocity Strip Lights Have the Following Features

LED Strip
LED Chip Size

Chip sizes are measured in mm and describe the length and width of the chip size. For example a 3014 led chip measures 3.0mm long x 1.4mm wide.

LED Chip Density

Chip density refers to the amount of LED chips on the strip. A higher chip density creates less hot spots or dots when shined against a wall or plastic diffuser.

Cut Lines

One of the advantages of using LED strips is the ability to cut to a customized lighting length and re-connect. Strip light cut lines vary per type of strip.

Lumens (Brightness)

Lumen output determines how bright the strip light is. The higher the lumens the brighter the strip. We have strip lights ranging from 70 - 1,317 lumens per foot. A standard 60 watt incandescent bulb is roughly 800 lumens.

Real 3M High Bond Tape vhb

Each one of our industry trusted strip lights has real 3M tape applied. Our non-waterproof strips use the high bond 3M 300LSE double sided tape while our waterproof strips use very high bond 3M VHB 5952. Our tape does not fall off.

Heavy Duty IP67 Available IP67

Our waterproof strips are encased in a heavy duty IP67 silicon housing, unlike most vendors who only sell the silicon sleeved strips (IP65), our strips are encapsulated and bonded with a thicker and more durable silicon mold.

Color Changing Options RGB

Along with our single color White, Daylight, Warm, Red, Green, Blue and Amber strips. We also provide a large selection of RGB and RGB+W color changing tape lights, these strips require an LED Controller to operate.

Where to use Ecolocity LED Tape Lights

  • Homes
    Indoor Kitchen Cabinet Lighting using Max Warm White LED Strip Lights
  • Business
    LED Lighting at Baoli Restaurant and Lounge using LED Strip Lights
  • Landscaping
    Outdoor Solar Flower using G4 LED Bulbs
  • Decks, Patios and Pathways
    In Ground Extrusions Light up this Concrete Pathway
  • Cars, Trucks, & Motorcycles
    50/50 Waterproof LED Strip Lights make this Custom Motorcycle Glow
  • Campers & Trailers
    Ribbon Star Max Waterproof LED Strips for Exterior Camper Lighting
  • Signs and Displays
  • Art Installations
    Outdoor Sculpture Lighting using RGB 90 TPU LED Strip Lights

How to use Ecolocity LED Tape Lighting

  1. Choose Strip Type

    Based on the area being illuminated choose the color, brightness, and linear footage of the LED strip light you want for your project. Be aware that some of the higher output strips require a heat sink when mounting.

  2. Determine Power Input

    Once you have chosen your strip, multiply the watts per foot by the linear footage of your project. This will give you your max power load and the size of power source that you will need.

  3. Test Strip Light

    Before permanently mounting the strip light we recommend you unroll it from its reel and test it. You can use masking tape to tack it into place. Be sure that it is the strip you want before permanent installation.

  4. Wire Strip Light

    Depending on the size of your project wiring can be very simple or a bit more complicated. Soldering is the best option for long term projects but we also have a large variety of quick connectors and jumper cables.

  5. Mounting Accessories

    If you want a more professional and finished install we offer a huge selection and are a trusted vendor of KLUS aluminum strip light channels. With special mounting options these extrusions really add to the look of your lighting project.

  6. Peel and Mount

    Once you have decided that the strip is suffice for your plan. You can then, cut, re-wire, peel, stick and mount the LED strip lights to any clean and dry surface. There are so many indoor and outdoor lighting possibilities using our low voltage LED strips.

  7. Add a Dimmer or Controller

    Our single color LEDs can be dimmed using our PWM dimmers or Dimmable Power Supplies. When using our RGB or RGBW strip lights one of our color controllers is necessary for dimming and color changing functions.

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