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LED Troubleshooting - Proper Tools

Whether you're a first time LED installer or you're a professional electrician, it is important to have the right tools for troubleshooting a job when things don't go as planned. Below is a list of tools that anybody will need in order to properly troubleshoot their LED installation.

1.) Voltage Meter
This is the most important troubleshooting tool for any person installing LEDs to have. If you do not have this tool buy one or hire a professional that does.
A Voltage Meter is the most important tool to have in order to troubleshoot your electronic connections. By using this tool one can quickly determine continuity, voltage, and possible voltage drop in your LED system.
Voltage Tester
2.) Wire Strippers
A wire stripper is important to cut and strip your 16-22AWG stranded wires to specific lengths and makes it easier to install wire to LED Strip Lights, LED Modules, power supplies, controllers, dimmers and DMX components without issues.
Wire Crimper
3.) Screwdrivers
Since most LED components require a mini flathead or phillips screwdriver these would be another important tool to have during installation. A normal size phillips screwdriver is required on certain products.
4.) Wire Connectors, Electrical Tape, and Heat Shrink
It is important to have the necessary wire connectors for your LED project. Whether you are soldering wire together and using heat shrink, using wire nuts, or simply using electrical tape. It is important to be using the proper connectors when troubleshooting an LED project.
Wire Nuts
5.) Solder Iron (Optional)
If you plan on working with LED Strip Lights, it might not be a bad idea to invest in an inexpensive soldering iron in order to cut and reconnect LED Strips for your projects specific length requirements. Although we sell many quick connectors, soldering is by far the best way to achieve an optimal connection. See our soldering tutorials for proper solder techniques when working with LED Strip Lights.
Solder Iron
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