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LED Tutorials- Single Color Signal Amplifier

Hooking up a PWM Dimmer to your single color common anode LED Lights is a pretty straight forward process but if you want to add more lights to your dimmer than the dimmer can handle it is a little more complicated. It is possible using a single channel signal amplifier or an RGB signal amplifier but you must use the channels individually in order to make it work properly. Follow the guide below in order to get a better understanding of how to incorporate both types of signal amplifiers into your single color LED Lights.

1.) Calculate the Amps per channel on the Signal Amplifier
Since you are going to be using the signal amplifiers channels individually you must determine how much power each channel can handle. On all of our Signal Amplifier product web pages you can find detail on the Amperage per channel of any given Signal Amplifier. This product for example can handle 5A per channel. To convert this amount into wattage you simply multiply the amperage by the DC Voltage. So 5A at 12VDC can handle no more than 60W per channel (120W at 24VDC).
LED Specs
2.) Determine a Sufficient Power Supply
See our Power Supply Tutorial to further educate yourself on determining a sufficient power supply for your product. Mainly you must be certain that your power supply is large enough to handle the power load that will be coming from your PWM Dimmer as well as your signal amplifier. Note, products can be powered separately if needed.
3.) Hook up Signal Amplifier to your PWM Dimming System
Once you have determined a sufficient DC Power Supply and Signal Amplifier you can then simply hook up your Signal Amplifier to your LED system. The Signal Amplifier will come after the PWM Dimmer and the wiring must be exact in order to work properly. Simply take the output wires from your dimmer into the input wires of your signal amplifier. Bring sufficient power to your signal amplifier and then you can dim an additional amount of LED lights in unison with your LED Dimmer. See illustrations below for reference.
Single Channel Signal Amplifier Example
Single Channel Signal Amp
Three Channel Signal Amplifier Example
3 Channel Signal Amp
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