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Ribbon wire Ribbon Connector for Ribbon Star Extreme RGB


Product Description

This connector is made specifically for use with our Ribbon Star Extreme RGB Outdoor LED Strip Light. With 10" of lead wire between each connector, this can be used to easily mate two Extreme RGB LED Strips together or around a corner. Four screw down allen bolts make for a simple and secure connection. Use an industrial strength Silicon Glue with special syringe application to make this connector fully water and outdoor proof, as well as fully submersible. See the installation instructions below for reference.

Product Specifications
Ribbon Wire Ribbon Extreme RGB Connect
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10ml Syringe for Silicone Glue and RGB Extreme Connectors

SKU: OA-AM-SIL-SYR     View Product Page
Use our 10 milliliter luer slip tip syringe to waterproof Ribbon Star Extreme RGB Strip Light connectors. The connectors have small holes for the slip tip and the silicone sealant can be injected into the connector to maintain an IP67 rating. We recommend using our RTV 4500 Silicone Sealant. This syringe is necessary for waterproofing all of our different RGB Extreme strip light connectors.

10ml Syringe for Silicone Glue and RGB Extreme Connectors

RTV 4500 High Strength Silicone Sealant - 2.8oz Clear

SKU: OA-AM-SIL-GLU     View Product Page
Use the RTV 4500 Silicone Sealant to adhere end caps and connectors to our waterproof silicone LED Strip Lights and Neon Flex Lights. RTV Silicone Sealant has excellent resistance to extreme temperature, moisture, ozone, vibration, and weathering. Product Specs: One-part acetoxy silicone rubber sealant Approved as a food grade silicone - NSF/ANSI Standard 51, USDA approved Will not crack or become brittle with age Application temperature -35 to 140° F.

RTV 4500 High Strength Silicone Sealant - 2.8oz Clear

Precision Micro Shears for Silicone Strip Housing and Small Wires

SKU: OA-AM-SIL-CUT     View Product Page
Our micro precision snipping shears are a great additional tool to have. They are especially useful when prepping waterproof strip lights for new wire connections. The small snips make it easy to cut through the silicone housing to expose the copper pads below for soldering. The snips can also be used for small precision wire and soldering cuts not exceeding 1mm diameter (0.04").

Precision Micro Shears for Silicone Strip Housing and Small Wires

Ribbon Star Extreme RGB Strip Lights - 28 LEDs per Meter - UL 24VDC - IP20 & IP65

SKU: RL-SC-RSX-RGB     View Product Page
Our high end UL Listed Ribbon Star Extreme RGB is a fully outdoor rated, durable, and color changing LED Strip Light that can be connected in series up to 100ft (30m). Using 2 positive wires (V+) and 3 negative wires (RGB) this strip can achieve longer serial connections than a standard RGB strip light. Be sure to share your positive wires to your RGB control source for the entire strip to work in unison. With an encapsulated commercial grade waterproof silicon coating our Ribbon Star Extreme RGB is IP67 outdoor rated, making it fully waterproof (non-submersible), dust and UV proof. Ribbon Star Extreme RGB LED Strip Light provides a perfect light source for any outdoor lighting projects. The Strip Light can be cut every 9.5 inches and has multiple connection options that can be waterproofed to suite your projects needs. 7 SMD LEDs per 9.5 inches with a total of 84 LEDs per 3m. At 1.7W per foot, a 3m roll would require at least a 17W, 24VDC power supply. At the maximum series length of 100ft (30m) this ribbon would require at least a 170W 24VDC Constant Voltage power supply. The PC Board of the strip is larger and thicker than most, meaning it is not designed to be bent, folded, or twisted on a horizontal axis or bent more than a 2" radius. This LED strip light is perfect for any outdoor or architectural lighting project. Use with landscape features, decks, trailers, boats, RV's, business trim, pathway lighting, pools, or any other situation where a weather proof LED Strip Light is needed. Comes with 10 mounting clips for a permanent mounting solution. Requires a 24VDC Constant Voltage power source. UL Listed for class2 luminaries and fixtures, RoHS and CE approved.

Ribbon Star Extreme RGB Strip Lights - 28 LEDs per Meter - UL 24VDC - IP20 & IP65 Choose Color Temperature:
3000K Warm
4000K Daylight
6000K Cool

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