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BS3 Sign Modules light up Outdoor Channel Letters

Product Description

Updating your existing channel letter lighting to LEDs may seam like a large task, but our wide angled BS3 White Modules make the task quite a bit simpler. If you can strip, twist and cap wires together then you can update your outdoor signage or channel letters. You may need an electrician to install the power converter such as our 240W 12V Mean Well Transformer to convert high voltage AC to low voltage 12 Volt DC. Other than the high voltage the task is simply a matter of stripping and joining 2 pairs of wires.

BS3 White LED Modules, 3 Samsung Chips 160° - 12VDC

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This Samsung powered LED Module uses the latest technology and a special lens to create a 160° beam angle that is 40° wider than our standard LED Modules. The wider beam angle allows for more light distribution in smaller spaces with less visible hot spots when lighting signs and displays. Boasting 1.32W and 110lm per module as well as an IP65 water-resistant rating these modules are bright enough for any sign, display, task or back lighting project. The three surface mount 5630 Samsung LED Chips are mounted to an aluminum heat sink which is encapsulated in a PVC housing for a sleek and durable module design. 30 Modules maximum can be connected in one serial length, for larger jobs you must wire multiple 30 module units in parallel to the 12VDC power source. These modules have a 1 year warranty and are CE and RoHS approved.

BS3 White LED Modules, 3 Samsung Chips 160° - 12VDC
25 Module String - 16.0ft

2 Conductor Outdoor and Waterproof Wire - 18AWG

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This is a 2 conductor outdoor and waterproof stranded wire, made for use with any of our single color indoor or outdoor rated LED lighting products. Use this 18AWG stranded wire with our strip lights, modules, wall washers, or any low voltage DC system. Wires are sold in 10ft and 50ft increments and will be shipped in one length when possible. Maximum wire lengths available is 650ft, available upon request, please call for details.

2 Conductor Outdoor and Waterproof Wire - 18AWG

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