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DMX Signal Cable, XLR5 Male to XLR3 Female - 36"


Product Description

This is a DMX signal Cable with a XLR3 female plug on one end and XLR5 male plug on the other with 36" of lead wire in between. This cable will allow you to connect a DMX controller or device that has XLR5 output plugs to our PX24501 or 24 Channel DMX Drivers, or any other DMX LED Driver with XLR3 input connectors.

XLR3 to XLR5

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U7 DMX Lighting Controller with Software and 5VDC Power Supply - 1024 Channel

SKU: LC-NL-DMX-U7     View Product Page
Our affordable 1024 Channel U7 DMX Controller comes with PC Software to easily program custom lighting scenes and control your LED Lights and DMX devices away from your computer. Save up to 250 scenes over 5 zones to the U7's 512MB mini SD card. Control up to 341 RGB fixtures or 1024 single color fixtures in stand alone mode, or when connected live to the computer control up to 512 RGB fixtures or 1536 single color fixtures. A built in Ethernet connection allows you to connect your U7 to a home or business network for network control, editing, and smartphone & tablet control. For large installations use multiple units over the network to have control over an unlimited amount of DMX channels. Clock and calender triggering functions are included for triggering of scenes at specific dates and times. The U7 is not limited to only LED control but also can be used for moving heads, fog machines, water jets, fans, or any other DMX compatible device. This really is one of our most powerful and affordable DMX controllers. Software Disk, 5VDC AC/DC converter, and USB to mini USB Cable included.

U7 DMX Lighting Controller with Software and 5VDC Power Supply - 1024 Channel

Flicker Free 1 to 5 Channel Adjustable LED DMX RDM Decoder, 12-24VDC 8A/CH

SKU: LC-SR-DMX5-FF     View Product Page
Our UL Recognized flicker free 1 to 5 channel DMX LED decoder is the top choice for lighting and video professionals who require smooth fading and color changing effects with no flicker or noticeable steps. The PWM output frequency can be set from 500HZ ~ 30K HZ with an 8bit or 16bit resolution, and a dimming curve gamma value from 0.1~9.9 allowing for fluid dimming and color control functions. Using the analog display choose from 1CH output (5 single channels) or 5CH output (RGBW+WW) and set your starting DMX address. XLR5, RJ45 or simple screw down connectors give you plenty of options to input and output your DMX signal. Small screw down connectors are used for your DC input and output. An impressive 8 amps per channel allows you to control up to 96W (12VDC) or 192W (24VDC) per 5 channels. This product is intended only for use with 12-24VDC common anode style RGBW, RGB, or single color LED lighting. A 12-24VDC low voltage driver is required to power this unit and must be large enough to power the load of the light output. This product is UL Recognized RoHS and CE approved.

Flicker Free 1 to 5 Channel Adjustable LED DMX RDM Decoder, 12-24VDC 8A/CH

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