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DMX Signal Cable, RJ45 to XLR3 Female - 36"


Product Description

This is a DMX signal Cable for an RJ45 type DMX output to an XLR3 Female type DMX input. This cord can be used to connect our U7, Stick 2+, and Stick 3 DMX controllers to any of our DMX drives with an XLR3 DMX input. This cable can also be used to connect an RJ45 output from our PX24500, PX24600, and PX403 drivers to an XLR3 DMX input. Custom cable lengths can be made for special orders, please call for pricing on custom lenghts.

XLR3 DMX Cable
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STICK 2+ DMX Control Panel with Software and 6VDC Power Supply - 512 Channel

SKU: LC-NL-STICK2P     View Product Page
This sleek and slim designed Stand Alone DMX Controller comes with PC Software that allows you to build and implement fully customized lighting scenes. The glass faced touch sensor control keypad really makes the Stick 2 Plus stand out when displayed in plane sight. With the ability to control a full DMX univers or 512 Channels, and the live ability to change the intensity and color of a scene this is a great cost effective and functional DMX Controller for any DMX system. This controller can store up to 99 scenes, with 140 maximum steps with 512 channels in use, 1200 maximum steps with 60 channels in use or 3200 maximum steps with 20 channels in use, and 8 ports for external scene triggering. Program the controller using the included USB cable and control software. This controller is compatible with any DMX fixture or DMX LED Driver. Connections include 3pin DMX, 2pin power, 2pin port, and micro USB connection. Controller includes USB cable, Easy Stand Alone 2 PC Software, and a 6VDC AC/DC power adapter.

STICK 2+ DMX Control Panel with Software and 6VDC Power Supply - 512 Channel
STICK2 Plus Controller - Black
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STICK2 Plus Controller - White
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PX24501 RGB LED DMX Driver XLR3 & RJ45, 12-24VDC 5A/CH

SKU: LC-OL-DMX-PX01     View Product Page
This DMX512 driver allows for LED lights to be controlled via a DMX controller by accepting both DC supply voltage and your DMX controller signal and distributing it to attached LED lights. This driver accepts XLR-3 type connections or RJ45 connections for the DMX signal input and output and has a screw-down terminal block for DC input power and 4-wire common anode output to your LED lights. This driver is able to accept 6-24VDC at 5A per channel (three channels total). You can set the starting address of the DMX driver via DIP switches located on the back of the unit. Please note that each DMX driver requires 3 addresses in the DMX universe being used. One cat5 Ethernet cable included with each driver for daisy chaining multiple drivers. LED light test mode available with DMX driver. Systems with more than two DMX drivers being used require an XLR3 or RJ45 DMX terminator cable on the last DMX driver in the series.

PX24501 RGB LED DMX Driver XLR3 & RJ45, 12-24VDC  5A/CH
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