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5050 Waterproof Strips add Modern Lighting to an Outdoor Deck

Product Description

Using six 118" rolls of our 12VDC 5050 Warm White Waterproof LED Strip lights our customer added unique and modern lighting to the underside of their outdoor deck. Each roll of strip light has a male and female waterproof wire plug on each end making the connections quick and painless. Our 2 conductor outdoor rated wire was added to extend the wire connections back to the 12VDC power source. The thin and concealable LED strip lights create a modern and unique glow that really makes this deck one of a kind. If you are interested in completing a similar project but don't know where to start, please give us a call and we would be happy to recommend the best lighting product for your application.

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Ribbon Star 50/50, Waterproof Warm White LED Strip Light - UL 12VDC - 118" (3m)

SKU: RL-SC-RS50-T-WW-10     View Product Page
Our Ribbon Star 5050 waterproof strip light is an ideal solution for both indoor and outdoor backlight and task lighting applications that require a commercial grade, long lasting linear strip light. All of our UL Listed 5050 waterproof strips are encased in a waterproof silicon coating for an IP66 rating (non-submersible). This 118" (3 meters, 2" under ten feet) ribbon can be cut every two inches and re-connected for custom lighting layouts. Ribbon comes with 3M™ VHB™ mounting tape on the back, for the best long-term mounting solution. Each roll comes with 10 clear plastic screw down holders, 4 closed end caps, 4 end caps with holes for wiring, and a waterproof connector at each end. Three (3) 5050 SMD LEDs per 2", 4.6W per foot of Constant Voltage DC power required for this strip of light. Can be used for outdoor lighting, decks, patios, coves lighting, toe kicks, under cabinet, backlighting, crown molding and many more applications. UL Listed for class 2 luminaries and fixtures, RoHS and CE approved, 3000-3500K Color Temperature. This product is not intended to be submersed for extended periods.

Ribbon Star 50/50, Waterproof Warm White LED Strip Light - UL 12VDC - 118" (3m)

2 Conductor Outdoor and Waterproof Wire - 18AWG

SKU: OA-SC-2C     View Product Page
This is a 2 conductor outdoor and waterproof stranded wire, made for use with any of our single color indoor or outdoor rated LED lighting products. Use this 18AWG stranded wire with our strip lights, modules, wall washers, or any low voltage DC system. Wires are sold in 10ft and 50ft increments and will be shipped in one length when possible. Maximum wire lengths available is 650ft, available upon request, please call for details.

2 Conductor Outdoor and Waterproof Wire - 18AWG

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