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Mini Neon Side Emitting Waterproof Warm White LED Strip Light - ETL 24VDC - 197" (5m)

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Product Description

Each 5 meter roll of commercial grade mini neon side emitting LED strip light has an IP67 waterproof rated UV resistant and durable PVC housing to create vibrant dot free illumination for a line of light effect. The milky coating and design of this special strip light delivers 100% light diffusion with no hot spots, similar to the look of a neon tube. This strip is designed to bend on a horizontal axis and can be used to create curves, designs, lettering, or any other application where a fully diffused side view strip is needed. Use our mini neon led indoors and outdoors for a variety of lighting projects both functional and decorative. This strip requires 24 volt DC input and consumes 3.81 watts of power per foot, at full brightness. This product is dimmable by our PWM low voltage dimmers or by our magnitude dimmable power supplies with compatible wall switch. This strip can be cut and re-connected every 1.5" and comes with 1 extra wire lead setup, 1 end cap, and 20 plastic mounting clips.

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Product Specifications
ModelMini Neon Side Emitting, Waterproof Warm White
Dimensions197" x 0.52" x 0.40"H
Connection Type2 Wire (+/-)
LED Chip Type3014
LED Quantity7 SMDs per 1.5 inches
LEDs Per Strip910 SMD LEDs
Input Power24VDC Constant Voltage
Watts3.81W per foot
Beam Angle120°
Lumens121.95 lm/ft
RatingIP67 Waterproof
Operating Temp-4°~104°F
Max Serial Connection32.8 Feet (10m)
CertificationETL, RoHS, CE
Warranty Period2 Years

Solderless Connector Assembly for Side Emmiting Mini Neon

SKU: LN-SC-NEOS-CON     View Product Page
Use these 9.5" long solderless connectors for our side emitting mini neon strip lights if you do not want to make a connection by solder. After cutting the neon strip on the designated cut line these connectors easily slide into place to make contact on the conductive pads. Each connector includes one 9.5" side emitting strip light cable connector (18AWG), 1 waterproof silicon tape pad, internal install clip, external install clip, screws for end cap. The connector screws into place and requires a Phillips head screw driver for installation.

Solderless Connector Assembly for Side Emmiting Mini Neon

End Cap for Mini Neon Side Emmiting LED Strip Light

SKU: LN-SC-NEOS-CAP     View Product Page
This end cap is designed to be used only with our side emitting mini neon strip lights, SKU: LN-SC-NEOS-W-5 or LN-SC-NEOS-WW-5. After cutting your strip light use this end cap with an industrial strength plastic bonding adhesive to close and seal your exposed cuts to water, dust, and moisture.

End Cap for Mini Neon Side Emmiting LED Strip Light

(10) Mounting Clips for Mini Neon Side Emmiting LED Strip Lights

SKU: LN-SC-NEOS-CLIPS-10     View Product Page
This is a pack of 10 mounting clips for our mini neon side emitting strip lights. Each clip has a screw hole with counter sink for mounting to walls, ceilings, stone or concrete. The side emitting strip bends on a horizontal access so mounting tape does not create as tight of a hold as the mounting clips. Sold in packs of 10, for creation of bends, curves, lettering and designs with a bend radius no more than 3.93" to avoid damage to the strip light.

(10) Mounting Clips for Mini Neon Side Emmiting LED Strip Lights

Multi-zone Time Programmable LED Bluetooth Sync Dimmer for iOS & Android, 6-24VDC 15A

SKU: LC-RR-SGL-BTT     View Product Page
The newly redesigned IP68 mini Bluetooth Single Color LED Dimmer has the ability to sync numerous dimmers over multiple zone groups using the free 'Umi Smart' app on an ioS or android device. From the smart phone app you can pair to multiple devices, set up groups, save dim levels and scenes, as well as trigger scenes using a real time clock with repeating weekday options (BTT model only). Also from the app you can choose from 0-100% dimming choices, with quick dimming buttons, as well as 8 pre programmed flash and strobe functions with 99 speed level adjustments. The 1 channel output can control a max load of 15 amps, 180W using 12VDC or 360W using 24VDC. There are 16 storage spaces to save your favorite dim levels and flashing modes. The Bluetooth control range from controller to smartphone or tablet is approximately 45ft with no walls or interference. The small size and simple bare connection wires, as well as sync and group functions make this controller ideal for any new or existing indoor/outdoor LED lighting design. This product is IP68 waterproof rated but not meant to be submersed in water or directly exposed to any outdoor elements.

Multi-zone Time Programmable LED Bluetooth Sync Dimmer for iOS & Android, 6-24VDC 15A

Mean Well Waterproof LED Power Supply 240W - 24VDC

SKU: PS-MW-240-W-24     View Product Page
This product is a Mean Well brand waterproof LED power converter with a 100-240VAC, or 277VAC (North America Only) input and a 24VDC 10 amp output of 240W. IP67 rated for wet or damp locations. This LED power supply can be used to power 24VDC Constant Voltage LED Wall Washers, LED Lights, LED Light Ribbons, RGB LED lighting and other 24VDC LED Lighting products. Comes with built in PFC (Power Factor Correction) as well as short circuit protection. AC input wire colors are as follow: Brown - Load, Blue - Neutral, Green - Ground. The manufacturer recommends a 92.5% max load of 222 watts. Non-submersible, non uv-proof, UL recognized, RoHS, and CE approved.

Mean Well Waterproof LED Power Supply  240W - 24VDC

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These lights are amazing! They get super bright and dim super low, and 100% spot diffusion at its finest. The ability to cut them every 1.5" makes them conformable to any project. User beware though, the solderless wire connectors that are available for these only connect to the starting end of the lights, so if your intending to connect 2 sections of lights together with these, you may want to find another way to do that.

Jan 18, 2020 | Nadine

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