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Multi-zone Time Programmable RGB LED Bluetooth Sync Controller for iOS & Android, 6-24VDC 5A/CH


Product Description

The newly redesigned IP68 mini Bluetooth RGB LED time controller has the ability to sync numerous controllers over multiple zone groups using the free 'Umi Smart' app on an ioS or android device. From the smart phone app you can pair to multiple devices, set up groups, save colors and scenes, as well as trigger scenes using a real time clock with repeating weekday options. From the main app control you can choose from millions of static RGB color choices as well as 42 pre programmed color functions with 99 speed level adjustments. The RGB output can control up to 5 amps x 3 channels of current, 180W using 12VDC or 360W using 24VDC. There are 16 storage spaces to save your favorite custom colors and 16 storage spaces for quick access to your favorite color changing modes. The Bluetooth control range from controller to smartphone or tablet is approximately 45ft with no walls or interference. The small size and simple bare connection wires, as well as sync and group functions make this controller ideal for any new or existing indoor/outdoor LED lighting design. This product is IP68 waterproof rated but not meant to be submersed in water or directly exposed to any outdoor elements.

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Product Specifications
ModelMulti-zone RGB LED Bluetooth Controller with time control
Dimensions3.43" x 0.83" x 0.35"H
4.0" Wire Leads
Input Connection2 Wire (+/-) 16AWG
Output Connection4 Wire RGB(+) 18AWG
Input Power6 - 24VDC
Output Power5A x 3CH
Maximum Watts12VDC - 180W
24VDC - 360W
PWM Level4,000 Steps
Operating Temp-22° ~ 160°F
App NameUmi Smart
Warranty Period1 Year
Previous Mode on Power CycleYes
Bluetooth Control Radius45ft (line of sight)
Static Color Choices16 Million
Color Changing Modes42 Modes See Modes
  • = Speed Adjustment, 99 Levels
  • = Brightness Adjustment
  1. 7 Color Smooth Fade
  2. RGB Fade In/Out
  3. 7 Color Fade In/Out
  4. Red Fade In/Out
  5. Yellow Fade In/Out
  6. Green Fade In/Out
  7. Cyan Fade In/Out
  8. Blue Fade In/Out
  9. Purple Fade In/Out
  10. White Fade In/Out
  11. Red-Yellow Smooth Fade
  12. Red-Green Smooth Fade
  13. Red-Purple Smooth Fade
  14. Red-Blue Smooth Fade
  15. Green-Yellow Smooth Fade
  16. Green-Cyan Smooth Fade
  17. Green-Blue Smooth Fade
  18. Blue-Cyan Smooth Fade
  19. Blue-Purple Smooth Fade
  20. Red-White Smooth Fade
  21. Yellow-White Smooth Fade
  22. Green-White Smooth Fade
  23. Cyan-White Smooth Fade
  24. Blue-White Smooth Fade
  25. Purple-White Smooth Fade
  26. RGB Jump
  27. 6 Color Jump
  28. RGB Flash
  29. Red Flash
  30. Yellow Flash
  31. Green Flash
  32. Cyan Flash
  33. Blue Flash
  34. Purple Flash
  35. White Flash
  36. Red Pulse
  37. Yellow Pulse
  38. Green Pulse
  39. Cyan Pulse
  40. Blue Pulse
  41. Purple Pulse
  42. White Pulse
Important Information

This controller has been updated to the new Umi Smart version and is no longer compatible with the Light Mesh app.

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