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Warm White LED Strips Light the Chandelier at Sierra Nevada Brewing

Product Description

This amazing beer bottle chandelier at the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company in Fletcher, NC was crafted by a customer of ours and then lit using our 12VDC Ribbon Star Warm White LED Strip Lights. Power is being converted from 120VAC to 12VDC using a variety of our 12VDC LED Power Supplies. They really did an incredible job not only building the piece with the fragileness of the glass bottles but the execution and wiring of the strip lighting is perfect and you can see the lower light level of the Ribbon Star Strip is the perfect amount of light for the piece. The finished chandelier in collaboration with the other art work of the room makes this space really spectacular.

Ribbon Star, Warm White LED Strip Light - UL 12VDC

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This UL Listed LED Strip Light Ribbon Star LED in Warm White provides a perfect light source for many backlighting projects. This 118"(3m) LED strip can be cut every 2 inches and has many quick connnection options for easy connection and use. Comes with 3M™ mounting tape on the back, for the best long-term mounting solution. 3 SMD LEDs per 2 inches with a total of 180 LEDs that require 14.6W of 12VDC power for this 118" strip (1.46W per foot). This LED strip Light has the perfect brightness for ambient lighting, backlighting, coves, undercounter lights, toe kick lighting or under stairs and many more backlighting applications. Comes with two quick connectors. Requires a 12VDC Constant Voltage power source. 3500K color tempurature, UL Listed for class 2 luminaries and fixtures, RoHS and CE approved.

Ribbon Star, Warm White LED Strip Light - UL 12VDC
19.5" (0.5m) Sample
118" (3m) Roll

Magnitude LED Power Supply TRIAC Dimmable UL Listed 12VDC - 60W

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Magnitude's new line of Class 2 TRIAC dimmable LED power converters use state of the art technology to provide smooth 0-100% dimming from a 120VAC source to your 12VDC LED Lights. Not only are these transformers slimmer and significantly lighter than other types of dimmable power supplies but they also use a much more common and economical TRIAC type wall mount dimmer. A slim aluminum housing with input and output wire knockouts give this Class 2 transformer a UL Listed rating that complies to UL 8750 standards. The IP67 weatherproof rating allows for use in wet and salty conditions. Built in auto reset protection for short circuits, over-voltage and over-temperature give an added piece of protection for your transformer. This product is intended only for 120VAC input with a 12VDC 5A output of 60 watts. We recommend a load of 90% or less (54W) unless being used in a cold environment.

Magnitude LED Power Supply TRIAC Dimmable UL Listed 12VDC - 60W
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