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A Truck Bed Sled Deck lights up using Ribbon Star Ultra LED Strips

Product Description

For this project our customer used our 12VDC Ribbon Star Ultra Waterproof White LED Strip Lights to illuminate the underside of his truck bed mounted snowmobile sled deck. He took the 118" strip light and cut it to approximately 8ft, end capping the cut end with an end cap and UV6800 adhesive. He then wired the 12V strip light back to an interior switch that lead to his 12VDC battery source. The 372 lumen per foot Ultra Strip light provided ample lighting illuminating the entire truck bed with ease. This project was simple for any do it yourself-er and the finished product will surely add functionality on cold dark mountain nights.

Ribbon Star Ultra, Waterproof White LED Strip Light - UL 12VDC - 118" (3m)

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The UL Listed Ribbon Star Ultra, White flexible waterproof LED Strip Light is fully enclosed in a TPU coating (Thermoplastic Polyurethane), for an IP68 rating, making this LED Strip fully water and UV proof. This 118" (3m) ribbon has a male water-resistant connector on one end and a female connector on the other end for easy connection. Comes with 3M™ VHB™ mounting tape on the back, for the best long-term mounting solution. 3 SMD LEDs per inch and 54 Watts are required for this 118" strip. This LED Ribbon strip is extremely bright, so bright it can directly replace T-8, T-10 and T-12 Fluorescent bulbs in light boxes, monument signs and can signs. It can also be used for overhead lighting, house eves, under stairs, outdoor lighting and any other application requiring an ultra bright and fully weather-proof LED Strip Light. Comes with 10 clear plastic screw down holders, 4 closed end caps, and 4 end caps with holes for wiring, and waterproof connectors at each end. We recommended that you mount this strip to steel or aluminum, for a good heat sink. This product requires a 12VDC Constant Voltage power source. 6000-6500K color temperature, UL Listed for class2 luminaries and fixtures, RoHS and CE approved.

Ribbon Star Ultra, Waterproof White LED Strip Light - UL 12VDC - 118" (3m)

2 Conductor Outdoor and Waterproof Wire - 18AWG

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This is a 2 conductor outdoor and waterproof stranded wire, made for use with any of our single color indoor or outdoor rated LED lighting products. Use this 18AWG stranded wire with our strip lights, modules, wall washers, or any low voltage DC system. Wires are sold in 10ft and 50ft increments and will be shipped in one length when possible. Maximum wire lengths available is 650ft, available upon request, please call for details. This wire is UL recognized.

2 Conductor Outdoor and Waterproof Wire - 18AWG

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