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Kat & Theo adds Color Accents with RGB 180 LED Strips

RGB Strip Lights
RGB Strip Lights


Kat & Theo, located in NYC's Flatiron District, used 12VDC RGB 180 LED Strip Lights to create custom color accent lighting to create an exclusive dining experience. The color changing LED Strips are being controlled by our 4 in 1 Wifi LED Network Controller, capable of controlling 12 zones with 4 control options over an unlimited amount of wireless receivers, all from your smart phone or tablet via wireless network. Power is being converted from AC wall power to 12VDC using our Mean Well 600W 12VDC LED Power Supplies. The color changing strips add a smooth color accent to the dining area wall, and with the 4 in 1 controller they can choose from millions of colors with 0-100% dimming control to set the mood for any occasion, special event or holiday.


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Mean Well LED Power Supply CV 600W - 12VDC
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