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RGBW LED Neon Waterproof Horizontal Bend Side Emitting - ETL 24VDC - 197" (5m)


Product Description

Use our side emitting, horizontal bending, RGBW Neon Flex Strips to create smooth dot and glare free color lighting on walls and curved surfaces. The addition of cool white output lets you create pastel colors that are unachievable with RGB alone. There is no need for a plastic cover or diffuser when using this product. A special milky silicone encasing is designed to create brilliant line of light RGBW color without any visible dots or hot spots. This product is ideal for architectural accents, signs, displays, night clubs, storefronts, interior designs, or any application where a dot free color changing light is desired. Six 4in1 LEDs per every 2.81" cuttable section produces 44 lumens per foot when all colors are on full brightness. This neon flex strip is side emitting, meaning it can only bend on a horizontal axis. Each 5 meter roll comes with 10 mounting clips, 10 self-tapping screws, 1 wire lead setup, and one end cap. You can cut this neon flex every 2.81" but you must be able to solder a wire lead to re-connect. A power draw of 5.8 watts of 24VDC power for each foot means the 16.4ft roll would need 95 watts minimum of 24VDC power and RGBW color control to light on full brightness. This product is ETL listed, RoHS and CE approved.

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Product Specifications
ModelWaterproof Neon RGBW LED Strip Light, Side Emitting - ETL 24VDC - 197" (5m)
Dimensions197" x 0.39" x 0.71"H
Connection Type5 Wire RGBW(+)
LED Chip Type5050
LED Quantity6 SMDs per 2.81 inches
LEDs Per Strip420 RGB 3 in 1 SMD LEDs
Input Power24VDC Constant Voltage
Watts5.85W per foot
Beam Angle110°
Lumens44 lm/ft
RatingIP67 Waterproof
Ambient Temperature-4°~113°F
Max Serial Connection20 Feet
CertificationETL Listed, RoHS, CE
Product Lifetime50,000 Hours
Warranty Period2 Years
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Silicone End Cap with Hole and 5 Wire Lead for Flat Side Emitting RGBW Neon Flex

SKU: LN-DX-NSF-RGBW-ECH     View Product Page
A 12" long 22AWG 5 wire solder lead with white PVC jacket and one holed end cap for re connection of RGBW Side Emitting Neon Flex Strips. The wire lead must be soldered when cutting and re-connecting our RGBW side emitting flat neon flex strips. Wires are cut shorter and pre-tinned on the end intended for soldering. Silicone Adhesive is required to maintain IP67 waterproof level. All additional accessories are listed found below.

Silicone End Cap with Hole and 5 Wire Lead for Flat Side Emitting RGBW Neon Flex

Silicone End Cap for Flat Side Emitting RGBW Neon Flex

SKU: LN-DX-NSF-RGBW-EC     View Product Page
A silicone end cap for sealing non wired ends of our RGBW Side Emitting Neon Flex Strips. This end cap is intended only for the flat version of the flex strip. Silicone Adhesive is required to maintain IP67 waterproof level. All accessories can be found in products listed below.

Silicone End Cap for Flat Side Emitting RGBW Neon Flex

Multi-zone Time Programmable RGBW LED Bluetooth Sync Controller for iOS & Android, 6-24VDC 3Ax3CH +5A

SKU: LC-LF-RGBW-BTT     View Product Page
The newly redesigned IP68 mini Bluetooth RGBW LED time controller has the ability to sync numerous controllers over multiple zone groups using the free 'Umi Smart' app on an ioS or android device. From the smart phone app you can pair to multiple devices, set up groups, save colors and scenes, as well as trigger scenes using a real time clock with repeating weekday options. From the main app control you can choose from millions of static RGB color choices, 0-100% single color white dimming, as well as 42 pre programmed color functions with 99 speed level adjustments. The RGB output is separate from the white output and can control a max load of 3 amps x 3 channels, 108W using 12VDC or 216W using 24VDC; the white output can control a max load of 5 amps or 60W using 12VDC or 120W using 24VDC. There are 16 storage spaces to save your favorite custom colors and 16 storage spaces for quick access to your favorite color changing modes. The Bluetooth control range from controller to smartphone or tablet is approximately 45ft with no walls or interference. The small size and simple bare connection wires, as well as sync and group functions make this controller ideal for any new or existing indoor/outdoor LED lighting design. This product is IP68 waterproof rated but not meant to be submersed in water or directly exposed to any outdoor elements.

Multi-zone Time Programmable RGBW LED Bluetooth Sync Controller for iOS & Android, 6-24VDC 3Ax3CH +5A
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Mean Well Waterproof LED Power Supply 100W - 24VDC

SKU: PS-MW-100-W-24     View Product Page
This product is a 100W Mean Well Brand, 24VDC LED transformer / power supply, 100-240VAC input, with 24VDC output. IP67 rated for wet or damp locations. Has one 10" long 24VDC output connection that can be used to power 24VDC Constant Voltage LED Strip Lights, LED Wall Washers, LED Fixtures, RGB LED lighting and other 24VDC Constant Voltage LED Lighting products. Comes with built in short circuit, overload, and over voltage protection. 100-240VAC input wire colors are as follow: Brown - Load, Blue - Neutral. Output wires are Black - DC negative and Red - DC Positive. Non-submersible, non uv-proof, UL recognized, RoHS, FCC and CE approved.

Mean Well Waterproof LED Power Supply 100W - 24VDC

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