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How to Wire a Dimmer to your LED Lights

In this tutorial learn how to hook up a PWM Dimmer to your single channel LED Strip Lights and Modules. If you want to have a way to dim your LED lights we have many different types of low voltage PWM dimmers to choose from.

How to Wire a Dimmer to your LED Lights
1.) Calculate the PWM Dimmers Maximum Load

On all of our PWM Product web pages you can find the PWM dimmers maximum wattage load. We recommend never pushing any product to the maximum load but instead leave a 10-15% cushion as to not over drive and damage any of the product. For example, this PWM Dimmer can handle 96W, subtract 9.6W for the 10% cushion, leaving you with a max load of around 86W.

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2.) Determine a Sufficient Power Supply

See our Power Supply Tutorial to further educate yourself on determining a sufficient power supply for your product. Mainly you must be certain that your power supply is large enough to handle the power load that will be coming from your PWM Dimmer.

3.) Hook up PWM Dimming System

Once you have determined a sufficient PWM Dimmer and DC Power Supply you can then simply hook up your PWM Dimmer to your LED system. The PWM Dimmer will come after the power supply and will have a DC input for power in from your power supply and a DC output for power and dimming signal to your LED Lights. See the illustration below for reference. If you would like to hook up a large amount of LED Lights to your PWM dimmer, see the How to incorporate a signal amplifier to single channel LED Lights Tutorial.

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