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Aluminum Channels and LED Strip Lights Highlight this Outdoor Facade

19FR with RGB Strip Facade LED Green Facade Large
19FR with RGB Strip Facade LED Green Facade Large


The Clearcreek Centre in Silverdale Washington used our 24V RGB 180 Waterproof LED Strip Lights and our 1" Wide x 1" Deep Aluminum Channels with frosted covers to create custom linear colors on this newly designed and remodeled outdoor facade. Using our STICK DMX Controller with 24 Channel DMX Decoders they are able to control each linear color channel separately to create one of a kind color harmonies and color changing effects. Power is being driven through numerous 600W and 1000W 24VDC LED Transformers. The aluminum channels offer a sleek housing for the LED Strips and diffuse the lighting to create smooth and uniform lighting output along the rectangle lighting recessions. The finished project looks amazing and really brings a unique, inviting and modern feel to the Clearcreek Shopping Centre.


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