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UX8 Wall Mount 4 Zone Wireless RGBW LED Controller with DMX Output, 5-24VDC


Product Description

Our state of the art UX8 RGBW wall mounted controller uses cutting edge technology to create customized wireless RGBW LED lighting control for your indoor lighting needs. Compatible 2.4GHz RF wireless RGBW receivers are designed to pair to the wall mount controller. Pair an unlimited amount of wireless receivers to 4 zones within the RF signal radius of 150ft (line of sight). The wall mounted unit allows you to control each zone independently or together in the groups of your choosing. With the addition of a Wifi-104 controller you can pair your wall mounted unit to your home or business WiFi network and then take control of your 4 zones and create custom DIY lighting scenes using a free smart phone application. Please note that the WiFi-104 light output is not controllable through the RGBW wall mount controller, you must use RF wireless receivers to successfully control your lights from both your phone and wall mount panel. With the addition of a DMX signal output there is also the option of using 4 Channel DMX decoders or fixtures to control your 4 lighting zones, simply set your DMX fixture to the proper address for unlimited control over 4 zones. Zone 1 = DMX address 1, Zone 2 = DMX address 5, Zone 3 = DMX address 9, and Zone 4 = DMX address 14. There are a variety of ways you can use this controller so be sure to observe the maximum load ratings of the receiver of decoder that you are using to power your low voltage RGBW LED lights. For connection examples click the wiring tab in the specification box below. One 5VDC transformer is included with each controller for powering the unit.

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Product Specifications
ModelRGBW Wall Mount Controller
Dimensions5.74"L x 4.17"W x 0.71"H
Input Connection2 Wire (+/-)
Output Connection3 Wire DMX(+)
2.4GHz Wireless RF
Input Power5VDC
Control ModeRGBW, 4 Zones
Operating Temp-22° ~ 131°F
Warranty Period1 Year
Previous Mode on Power CycleYes
Static Color Choices16 Million
Color Changing Modes12 Pre-programmed
5 DIY Modes with Wifi-104
Receiver Specifications
ModelReceiver for UX8 Controller and V8 Remote
Dimensions6.89"L x 1.73"W x 1.18"H
Input Power5 - 24VDC
Output Power5A x 4CH
Maximum Watts12VDC - 240W
24VDC - 480W
Operating Temp-22° ~ 131°F
Warranty Period1 Year
RF Receiver Radius150ft (line of sight)
ZonesUnlimited Receivers, 4 Zones
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4 in 1 Wifi LED Network Controller and Dimmer for Smartphones or Tablets, 12-24VDC 4A/CH

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The WiFi-104 is the latest of our Wifi LED Controllers, allowing the user to control RGB+W, RGB, two tone, and Single Color LED Strip Light all from your smart phone or tablet through the free 'WiFi-104' app. With this controller you do not have to switch from your home network to get back on the internet, but it still can be used remotely as it's own WiFi source. Each WiFi-104 can control up to 12 zones separately with unlimited receivers per zone using 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, 802.11b/g/n Protocol. This means you can control any type of 5-24VDC in twelve places throughout your WiFi area. 12 built in modes including DIY functionality, color wheel choices, as well as specific 0-255 brightness settings, this controller is one of the most versatile we've seen. Output ratings of 4A x 4 channels allow this controller can handle up to 48W per channel at 12VDC or 96W per channel at 24VDC. Each additional wireless zone receiver can handle 5A x 4 channels or 60W per channel and 240W when all channels are being used, with a 150ft RF signal radius (line of sight). Adjustable SSID settings allow for 16 different WiFi controllers to be operated as their own WiFi device in one space, see the instruction manual below for all of the great features of this product including saving and building custom scenes and pairing the wireless 12 zone receivers. This product is CE and RoHS approved.

4 in 1 Wifi LED Network Controller and Dimmer for Smartphones or Tablets, 12-24VDC 4A/CH

PX408 4 Channel LED DMX RDM Decoder, 12-24VDC 8A/CH

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The PX408 4 channel DMX decoder allows you to control 32 amps over four channels of LED Lighting to DMX512 1990 or RDM 2009 Lighting controllers. Use this for any 12-24VDC common anode RGBW lights, RGB LED lights plus one single color LED light, or four single color LED lights, LED modules, or LED light strips to a DMX or RDM 2009 Control System. 8A per channel with a maximum power of 384W / 12VDC or 768W / 24VDC. Can be connected to DMX512 signal using RJ45 connectors and Cat5 cables or by using the green phoenix terminals for your 3 wire dmx signal. Unit has DIP switches on the side to manually set the starting DMX address of each driver. On power lights will be white until a DMX signal is received, test function will cycle colors when all dip switches are in the on position. Supported RDM parameters: DISC_UNIQUE_BRANCH / DISC_MUTE / DISC_UN_MUTE / DEVICE_INFO / SOFTWARE_VERSION_LABEL / DMX512/ RDM_START_ADDRESS / IDENTIFY_DEVICE / MANUFACTURER_LABEL / SUPPORTED_PARAMETERS. LEDs and power supply are connected using screw down style connectors. RoHs, CE approved.

PX408 4 Channel LED DMX RDM Decoder, 12-24VDC 8A/CH

2.36" Round 4 in 1 RGBW LED Spot Light Fixture - 12W, 12/24VDC

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Our 2.36" Round RGBW Spot Fixtures are a bright and unique product that can be used to bring color changing plus cool white illumination to a variety of lighting applications. Whether using for downlighting or accenting cabinets, shelves, or coves all these lights need is a place to install the mounting bracket and a hole to run the wires. You can flush mount the lights if you have a recession and a hole 2.36" (60mm) in diameter or surface mount to any rigid material. 3 durable RGBW 4 in 1 Epistar LEDs output some serious light from a small package, requiring 12 watts of 12VDC or 24VDC to operate with all colors on full brightness. A 50,000 hour lifetime span ensures that these lights will last, as well as save money on the low cost to power. Bring billions of color choices to any indoor space using our 12W RGBW 12V or 24VDC LED spot light fixtures. 12/24VDC power as well as an RGBW control signal needs to be wired on each fixture to operate, see installation guide below for reference.

2.36" Round 4 in 1 RGBW LED Spot Light Fixture - 12W, 12/24VDC

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