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Mini Monochrome LED Sync Dimmer, 5-24VDC 20A


Product Description

Our Mini LED Sync Dimmer uses the latest technologies to deliver functional LED dimming control in a small and concealable package. The touch sensitive Monochrome RF Remote offers smooth 5-100% dimming with 50% and 100% quick control buttons. Using state of the art radio frequency control, the user can pair unlimited Mini Remote Controls to a single Mini Receiver. Likewise, each remote can control an unlimited amount of receivers in the given 30ft RF control range. At 5A x 4CH the Mini Receiver can handle a maximum load of 240W at 12VDC or 480W at 24VDC. With it's small size and unique control capabilities this LED Dimmer can be used in any type of LED lighting application.

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Product Specifications
ModelMini Monochrome LED Sync Dimmer
Remote Dimensions4.09"L x 2.36"W x 0.375"H
Receiver Dimensions6.89"L x 1.73"W x 1.18"H
TypePWM, 1 Color
Input Power5 - 24VDC
Output Power5A x 4CH
Maximum Watts12VDC - 240W
24VDC - 480W
Operating Temp-22° ~ 131°F
Warranty Period1 Year
RF Receiver Radius150ft (line of sight)

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8 Zone LED Sync Dimmer and Receiver Kit, 5-24VDC 18A

SKU: LC-LT-DIM1-KIT     View Product Page
The 8 Zone LED Sync Dimmer and Receiver kit uses the most advanced 2.4GHZ RF wireless transmission technology. Sync an unlimited amount of 18 Amp Dimming LED Receivers to up to 8 different zones within the 100ft RF Control Signal radius to create amazing synchronized dimming effects in multiple locations. Easily control each zone individually, in groups, or all zones as one through the remote keypad. The controller comes with four brightness shortcut uptions, two scene saving buttons and brightness adjustments using advanced PWM (pulse width modulation) control technology to create smooth dimming with no flickering (Note: Lowest Dim level ≈ 10%). A unique circle touch pad enables a wide range of dimming control. 8 number keys allow for 8 quick and easy zone control options with the ability to sync an unlimited amount of receivers to any zone. Maximum output of 6 amps per 3 channels for a combined output of 90W at 5VDC, 216W at 12VDC, or 432W at 24VDC. Each kit includes one 8 zone dimming remote and one receiver, additional receivers sold separately.

8 Zone LED Sync Dimmer and Receiver Kit, 5-24VDC 18A
RF Remote & Receiver
Additional Receiver

LED Pro Dim 5 Zone LED and Incandescent Dimmer System, AC/DC

SKU: LC-KT-DIM5-KIT     View Product Page
This unique professional quality wireless dimming system can dim LED lighting systems in 5 zones or areas. The RF remote control has 5 selectable channels, each channel can be connected to an unlimited number of Receivers. Each low voltage LED Receiver can connect 10A of 12 - 32VDC LED lighting product. 32 dimming levels from 5-100% brightness gives the user plenty of dimming choices. Each high voltage Triac Receiver can dim your incandescent or high voltage lighting up to 250W at 110VAC or 500W at 220VAC. This allows you to turn off or dim 5 areas or zones of LED and incandescent lights mixed or in different zones. 12VDC - 120W; 24VDC - 240W; 32VDC - 320W Max LED lighting connection to each receiver. Each item is sold separately. You can buy additional receivers as needed for your system. Remote requires on CR2032 Battery, one included.

LED Pro Dim 5 Zone LED and Incandescent Dimmer System, AC/DC
5 Zone RF Remote
Low Voltage LED Receiver
High Voltage Triac Receiver

Frequency Adjustable LED Dimmer with Key Fob RF Remote, 12-24V 30A

SKU: LC-LF-1DIM     View Product Page
Our small sized flicker free LED dimmer uses a uniquely paired key fob RF remote to dim and control your 12-24VDC constant voltage LED lights and dip switches to adjust the PWM frequency and dimming curve. The impressive 30 amp output allows for dimming control of larger circuits without the need of additional accessories, when set to higher PWM frequencies the maximum load decreases. DC input and output wires can easily be secured using the screw down connectors. Dim up to 360 watts of lighting using 12 Volt products or 720 watts using 24 Volt products. Choose from 5-100% range of dimming levels using two simple arrow buttons on the remote. Our key fob led dimmer can be used to dim LED strip lights, LED modules, LED wall washers, or for dimming any one color common anode 12VDC or 24VDC LED products. Each RF Remote requires (2) 3V / CR2016 type batteries (included) and is paired with a unique RF frequency to prevent command crossover when using multiple units.

Frequency Adjustable LED Dimmer with Key Fob RF Remote, 12-24V 30A

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