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Mini Pro RGBW RF Remote & Receiver Kit, 5-24VDC

Mini Pro RGBW Controller Mini Pro RGBW Remote Dimensions 5A Receiver 3A Receiver
Mini Pro RGBW Controller Mini Pro RGBW Remote Dimensions 5A Receiver 3A Receiver


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From our series of Mini Controllers comes a new Pro RGBW controller for 5-24VDC constant voltage RGBW & RGBWW led lighting products. Each remote is paired by the user to any number of mini receivers to create wonderful color changing effects along with RGBW dimming control (5-100%) in a variety of indoor lighting applications. Each mini receiver has a 5-24VDC input with a max output rating of 5A x 4 channels or max load of 240W at 12VDC or 480W at 24VDC. Choose from 6 built in modes with brightness and speed adjustment, 6 pre-programmed static colors with dimming adjustment, or create and save up to 7 custom static colors using the RGBW 5-100% dimming control. Previous scenes and dimming levels are stored when 5-24VDC input is powered on/off. The single color LED output is dimmed and controlled independently from the static RGB colors and RGB color changing modes. Remotes and receivers are sold together as part of a kit or can be purchased separately, please choose the controller option you would like from the drop down list.


ModelMini Pro RGBW LED Controller Kit, 5-24VDC
5Amp Receiver Kit SKULC-LT-MRGBW2-KIT
3Amp Receiver Kit SKULC-LT-MRGBW2-3A-KIT
5Amp Receiver SKULC-LT-MINI-RC
3Amp Receiver SKULC-LT-MINI-RC-3A
Remote Dimensions4.09"L x 2.36"W x 0.375"H
5Amp Receiver Dimensions6.89"L x 1.73"W x 1.18"H
3Amp Receiver Dimensions4.92"L x 1.30"W x 0.79"H
Input Connection2 Wire (+/-)
Output Connection5 Wire RGBW(+)
Input Power5 - 24VDC
Output Power3A or 5A x 4CH
Maximum Watts3A Receiver:
12VDC - 144W
24VDC - 288W
5A Reveiver:
12VDC - 240W
24VDC - 480W
Operating Temp-22° ~ 131°F
Warranty Period1 Year
RF Receiver Radius150ft (line of sight)
Static Color Choices4,096
Color Changing Modes12 Modes See Modes
  • = Speed Adjustment, 256 Levels
  • = Brightness Adjustment, 256 Levels
  1. RGB Jump
  2. RGB Fade
  3. Single Color Flash
  4. 7 Color Jump
  5. 7 Color Fade
  6. 7 Color Flash



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