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Nicolaudie SLESA-U9 DMX Controller, 256 DMX Channels


Product Description

This Nicolaudie SLESA-U9 is a 256 Channel DMX Control system with included PC Software to create fully customizable LED lighting scenes. Use with our 3 channel DMX decoders to control up to 85 RGB LED Fixtures or 256 Single Color LED fixtures using our single channel DMX decoders. Save up to 20 different lighting scenes and play them using the shuffle buttons on the controller or use any of the eight external ports for relay triggering of a scene. This DMX control system can also control any DMX Lighting systems, Lasers, Scanning heads, fog machines and other stage lighting applications. This system can be run live via the included software and a USB connection or you can download scenes to it allowing this DMX controller to run as a stand alone unit. This controller has 8 port connections to change scenes by simple dry switches. 5k memory allows for 439 steps using 60 channels, and 1184 steps using 20 channels. If you are looking for a powerful and affordable DMX controller or you are just starting out learning about DMX control, this is the one for you. Software Disk, Manual and USB Cable included.

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Product Specifications
Model256 Channel U9 DMX Controller
Dimensions3.11" x 3.62" x 1.69"H
DMX Channels256 (Stand Alone)
512 (Live)
DMX OutputXLR 3 Female
Ethernet CapableNo
Smartphone ControlNo
Input Voltage5~5.5VDC Mini USB
Port Triggering8 (255 in binary)
Clock TriggeringNo
Operating Temp32°~122°F
RatingIP20 Dry
Warranty Period1 Year

HE10 Port Connection Cable for U9 & U7 DMX Controllers

SKU: LC-NL-HE10-CBL     View Product Page
Use this 3" long cable on the external HE10 connector of our U7 and U9 DMX controllers to activate up to 255 scenes using relays and binary coding. To activate a port, a brief contact of at least 1/25 second must be established between the ports (1...8) and the ground (GND). Note: the scene will not be switched off when the switch is released. In your ESA, ESA2 or ESA PRO software set the scene trigger using binary data and up to 255 scene selections.

HE10 Port Connection Cable for U9 & U7 DMX Controllers

PX24606 Single Channel DMX Driver / 0-10V Dimmer, 12-24VDC 3A

SKU: LC-OL-DMX-PX6     View Product Page
The PX24606 is a single channel DMX driver that can be controlled by a DMX control system or can be connected to a switch or automated home system using a 0-10V Analog control, such as Lutron, Crestron, or Control 4. One light or strip of single color lights can be dimmed using this product. Intended for use only with 12 to 24VDC constant voltage LED lighting products. 3A per channel with a maximum power of 36W/12VDC or 72W/24VDC. Can be connected to DMX512 signal using 3 bare wire connections. Unit has DIP switches on the side to manually change the DMX address of each driver. LEDs and power supply are connected using screw down style connectors. Each of these Drivers use 1 DMX address and can be daisy chained in any DMX universe. RoHs, CE certified.

PX24606  Single Channel DMX Driver / 0-10V Dimmer, 12-24VDC  3A

DMX Signal Cable, XLR3 Male to RJ45 - 36"

SKU: LA-EL-DMX-CBL     View Product Page
This is a 3 foot long DMX signal Cable for any DMX application requiring XLR3 DMX output to an RJ45 DMX input. This cable will allow you to connect to a DMX controller, that has XLR3 output plugs, and any DMX Driver or controller with RJ45 connector. 36" cable included, XLR3 Male, plug on one end and RJ45 jack on the other end.

DMX Signal Cable, XLR3 Male to RJ45 - 36"
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