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Here you can see all of our customer's amazing LED lighting projects that were created using Ecolocity LED products and LED Lighting accessories. From LED Strip Light Projects to LED Wall Washer projects, our customer's have done it all. Browse these great finished projects to get some ideas for your next LED Lighting design.

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Waterproof RGB Strip Light shines bright through a Custom Glass Deck
Our highest density RGB Strip Light brings consistent lighting to this custom glass design.
12V RGB Spot Bulbs and RGBW Strip Lights are used to light up a Mantle
RGB + Warm White Strip Lights and RGB Spot Bulbs bring vivid color to a fireplace mantle.
RGB 90 Color Changing Strip Lights for Architectural Accent Lighting
12 Volt RGB Strip Lights and Zone control illuminate this penthouse suite patio.
5050 Waterproof Strips add Modern Lighting to an Outdoor Deck
12 Volt DC Waterproof Strip Lights are installed to add exotic outdoor deck lighting.
Outdoor accent lighting using Ribbon Star Extreme 24V LED Strips
24VDC Outdoor Extreme Strip Lights are used on the Exterior of Pirelli P Zero World.
"Ourself" Public Art Exhibit using Outdoor Extrusions and LED Strips
Outdoor Aluminum Channels and LED Strip Lights create an interactive Art Exhibit.
Ribbon Star Max Waterproof LED Strips for Exterior Camper Lighting
12VDC Ribbon Star Max Waterproof White and Red Strips bring this Camper to Life.
Indoor Kitchen Cabinet Lighting using Max Warm White LED Strip Lights
Above and Under Kitchen Cabinet lighting using 12VDC UL Listed Warm White LED Strip Lights.
RGBW LED Strip Lights for Under and Over Cabinet Lighting
RGBW 4 Color LED Strip Lights bring Color and Warm White Light to these Kitchen Cabinets.
Enclosed Trailer Lighting Retrofit using 12VDC LED Strip Lights
12V Ultra White Waterproof LED Strip Lights are used to replace the interior lighting of this hauler.
A Truck Bed Sled Deck lights up using Ribbon Star Ultra LED Strips
12VDC Ribbon Star Ultra Waterproof White Strips are used to illuminate this Sled Deck.
Exhibit Lighting using RGB LED Wall Washers and Strip Lights
24V RGB LED Strips and RGB LED Wall Washers illuminate this custom Exhibit Display.
12V Max Blue Waterproof LED Strips light up a Ford F-650 Custom
Ribbon Star Max Blue Waterproof LED Strip Lights enhance this Ford F-650 Custom.
Semi Truck LED Lighting using 12V RGB 180 Waterproof Strips
12 Volt RGB Color Changing LED Strips make this Semi Truck Glow on the Road.
12 Volt ES4 Blue LED Modules are used to light up Outdoor Channel Letter Signage.
Aluminum Channels and LED Strip Lights Highlight this Outdoor Facade
24V RGB Strips and Aluminum Channels transform The Clearcreek Shopping Centre.
Ribbon Star Extreme LED Strips bring Exterior Lighting to Toca Alarm
Ribbon Star Extreme 24VDC Outdoor LED Strip Lights are used on this building perimeter.
Autry Museum Outdoor Planter Boxes using LED Strip Lights
The Autry Museum of the American West applies modern lighting to outdoor planters.
Kat & Theo adds Color Accents with RGB 180 LED Strips
12VDC Color Changing LED Strip Lights are used to bring Color to this NY Restaurant.
Outdoor Patio Lighting using Max Waterproof LED Strip Lights
12VDC Max Waterproof White LED Strip Lights Bring Light to this Outdoor Patio.
Equinix GSKO 2016 Displays Glow using LED Strip Lights
RGB 180 and Ultra Warm White LED Strip Lights are used to light up this stage display.
#LOVE Channel Letters Light up the Downtown Miami Skyline
12VDC BS3 LED Modules are used to light these 7ft tall Channel Letters in Miami, FL.
50/50 Waterproof LED Strip Lights make this Custom Motorcycle Glow
Ribbon Star 50/50 Green Waterproof LED Strip Lights are used to light this custom chopper.
Hospital Signs are illuminated using White Led Strip Lights
Ribbon Star Supreme White LED Strips are used to light these directional light boxes.
Warm White LED Strips Light the Chandelier at Sierra Nevada Brewing
A custom built beer bottle chandelier lit using 12V Ribbon Star LED Strip Lights.
LED Deck Railing Lighting using Extreme LED Strip Lights
An outdoor Deck perimeter is lit using Ribbon Star Extreme 24VDC LED Strip Lights.
Interior Sign Lighting using RGB LED Strip Lights & Modules
RGB Color Changing 12V LEDs are used to bring color accents to these interior business signs.
Signage Halo Lighting using Super Nova 2 LED Modules
An outdoor sign is halo lit using 12VDC Super Nova 2 Warm White LED Modules.
Ribbon Star Waterproof Warm White Exterior Strip Lighting
Outdoor step and eave lighting using Ribbon Star Waterproof LED Strip Lights.
Channel Letters are Backlit using RGB LED Modules
These Channel Letters are backlit using our color changing ES4 RGB LED Modules.
Outdoor Business Lighting using LED Strip Lights
Outdoor Business Lighting using 12VDC Ribbon Star Max Waterproof Strip Lights.
Military Cruise Plaque lit using LED Modules
160 Degree Beam BS3 White 12VDC LED Modules are used to light this military plaque.
Vaulted Ceiling Lighting using Ultra Warm White Strip Light
12VDC Ultra Warm White Strip Lights are used to light the coves of this vaulted ceiling.
Custom LED Bathroom using LED Strip Lights
Ribbon Star Max Waterproof Warm White LED Strip Lights are used to light this modern design.
Melted Glass LED Lamp using LED Downlights
Custom melted glass is transformed into a one of a kind LED fixture using 4 watt LED Downlights.
Jewelry Case Display Lighting using LED Strip Lights
Jewelry Case display lighting using 12VDC Ribbon Star Ultra White LED Strip Lights.
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